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  • 31 January 2019

    Will Poznań become the best European destination in 2019? Voting in the contest started on Tuesday, January 15th.

    Poznań is the only Polish city taking part in the plebiscite organised by European Best Destinations (EBD) which is organization operating in Brussels since 2009. Its main purpose is promoting tourism and culture in all of Europe. Their website is one of the most  visited portals devoted to the tourism in Europe.



    Each year, nominees list includes twenty countries, leading in city tourism in Europe as, for example, Vienna, Rome, Athens or Berlin, but also new ones becoming more and more popular. Among them Bratislava, Belgian town Dinant and... Poznań, nominated for its authenticity, freshness and high quality of an offer. As the organizators mark, city’s safety level and vibe (cocreated by students and increasing popularity in social medias) are also factored. Moreover, Poznań’s success arised thanks not only to the classic monuments and museums like National Museum or Archeological Museum, but innovations and interactive spots such as Porta Posnania or St. Martin’s Croissants Museum and Center of Culture CK Zamek, Malta Terms, New ZOO or Poznań’s Palm House as well. Many people know Lech Poznań football team (stadium itself is an tourist attraction). Shopping tourism is getting more significant, too.



    Voting started on January 15th and lasts untill February 5th, 2019. You can leave your vote OR
    Participation in the contest is a great chance to mark one’s spot in tourist’s minds and tourism industry. Previous winners observed a great boost in the number of tourists. According to EBD, in Porto it was 16% and in Zadar even 25%.
    We had an example of another event of this kind – plebiscite for the Best European Christmas Market in which Poznań placed sixth, being very high position considering that Poznań was the debutant and the first Polish city on that list.



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